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  • The service is developed and run by Hacked, LLC which has zero tolerance for content which breaks the law or an entity's copyrights or trademarks. We cannot prescreen most content as the service uses end to end encryption to protect user privacy however if a report (including a FULL URL) comes to our attention we will take action including removal of the content.
  • To report suspected illegal content please send an email to abuse [AT]
  • To submit a DMCA Takedown request please send an email to dmca [AT]
  • To serve a DMCA Subponea and/or a non-DMCA related takedown order please contact our registered agent. Our registered agent can only accept an order from a court, they cannot accept or forward general mail to us. Please keep in mind we do not store the IP Address of the uploader and cannot identify the uploader of a specific paste. We also do not log access attempts to a specific paste on our API Server.
  • AGENCY: California Corporate Agents, Inc

    ATTN: Hacked, LLC | (EID: 202031810468)

    ADDRESS: 16830 Ventura Blvd, Suite #360

    Encino, CA 91436

    Primary EMAIL: abuse [AT]

    Secondary EMAIL: dmca [AT]