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  17. Artist: David Leonard
  18. Album: The Wait
  19. Genre: Christian  Gospel
  20. Original Release Date: 2019
  21. Quality: 320 kbps
  22. Track Listing:
  23. 1. Wanderer
  24. 2. By My Side
  25. 3. Signs of Life
  26. 4. Know Your Heart
  27. 5. Come as You Are
  28. 6. Come as You Are
  29. 7. Share This Burden
  30. 8. There’s Nobody
  31. 9. I Will Wait
  32. 10. Distant God
  33. 11. You Know Me
  34. 12. Threads
  35. 13. The Little That I Know
  36. 14.
  37. 15.
  38. 16.
  39. 17.
  40. 18.
  41. 19.
  42. 20. 21.
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  48. ♫ The link to download David Leonard - The Wait: ▼
  51. http://filevis.com/album.php?id=A5h77c4
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